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Okay, so I'm doing this mainly to help myself keep track of all the challenges I have entered (or will be entered).  So I'll be editing this page, probably fairly regularly.  Also, I thought it might be fun to announce to the world--as it were--what I'll be doing in my spare time.  So, here we go.

2012 Challenges (Edited 11/26/12)
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Here they are, folks!  All 12 prompts!

1. Prompter: [ profile] teaandhoney
Fandom: Angel/Criminal Minds
Pairing (if any): Gunn
Prompt: Most lawyers didn't have a battle axe in the trunk of their rental car.
2. Prompter: [ profile] twisted_slinky
Fandom: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Pairing (in any): no ships, Dean, Sam, assorted Weasleys (hopefully Mr. Weasley)
Prompt: What fresh hell is this!? Dean gets stuck in his beloved Impala. And his Impala is...flying? Freak out moment. Apparently, Mr. Weasley realized the US wizards weren't as strict when it came to enchanting muggle objects.

Completed!  See He Can Fly (Repeat)! 

3. Prompter:[ profile] lolaann1
Fandom: Buffy & Harry Potter
Prompt: Willow's screwed up another spell and the Weasley twins got sucked straight out of a Quidditch match and into a graveyard where the Scoobs are busy hunting vamps. Problem is that the bludger came through with them and for some odd reason it keeps going after poor Xander.
4. Prompter:[ profile] xgirl2222
Fandom: Witchblade/Criminal Minds
Pairing/Characters: Ian/Sara, Hotch and whoever else you want from the Criminal minds crew
Setting: 2nd season Witchblade, but Sara's relationship with Gabriel is like Season 1 (no Gabriel possession) Anytme during Criminal Minds, its your choice.
Prompt: Ian has forgiven Sara for killing his surrogate father, excised his ghost from haunting him, and taken over all of Kenneth's holdings making him on of the riches, most powerful men in the country, if not the world. He may not follow the law all the time but he no longer lives in the void either. This has allowed him to reach an accord with Sara, and their relationship is flourishing.
Unfortunately, a series of strange murders are going on in the city causing the Criminal Minds crew to be brought in. What little evidence that exist (nothing that they can convict or even hold him with) points to Ian as the killer. But how Can Hotch and crew go about building a case against, and convicting the most powerful man in the city (even though their guts tells them he's killed before), especially when the lead officer is his assumed lover from all the gossip?
Can Sara trust that Nottingham is innocent in this, when the witchblade keeps showing her there's a connection between the murders and him, and all he'll tell her is to trust him, he'll handle it. If he's innocent can she save him, and if he's guilty can she'll allow the criminal minds crew to take him down.
5. Prompter: [ profile] oroburos69
Fandom: Batman (any canon)
Pairing: Killer Croc/Cassandra Cain
Prompt: Unrequited love.

Completed! See Never
6. Prompter:[ profile] christywild
Fandom: Castle/Harry Potter
Pairing: Hermione/Severus, Castle/Beckett
Prompt: Snape and Hermione are in America trying to find a Death Eater who's using a dark ritual to survive...his latest victim is found by NYPD's 12th Precinct
7. Prompter:[ profile] vesselandpestle
Hermione moves to Gotham to teach at their elite prep-school for young witches and wizards. While there she meets some of the most interesting people... (Harry Potter/ any Batman or DC).
Completed!  See Rare
Luna becomes a hunter in the SPN-verse. A really unorthodox hunter. One that Sam loves and Dean is absolutely baffled by (that's not how this wo - oh. it worked)...(Harry Potter/SPN).
8. Prompter:[ profile] misse
Fandom: Buffy/Criminal Minds
Pairing: up to you, if any
Prompt: The BAU have been on the trail of The Priest/Killer for a while, and Sunnydale was his last known whereabouts. What's more, one of the refugees bears his mark. Can these desperately tired people help close this case?

Completed!  See Marked for Death
9. Prompter: Luna (tth)[ profile] luna_del_cielo
Fandom: BTVS/HP
Character: Jenny Calendar/any HP people
Prompt: Jenny knew better than to hang around Sunnydale HS during the dark without protection. Fortunately Angelus killed her double and she ran away to protect herself. Fortunately, there was a British boarding school in need of a new Defense Against the Dark Arts, and who knew about defending against the dark arts than a technopagan on the Hellmouth?

Completed!  See Creative Solutions
10. Prompter: Kimmi (Was Anon)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing (if any):
Prompt: Sam and Dean head south where they encounter a bottle tree that has one too many ghosts caught within the glasses. The ghosts are terrorizing a neighborhood to the point where the residents are ready to turn on each other to determine who is causing all the chaos.
11. Prompter: [ profile] declawed_gecko
Fandom: Buffy/Batman (Nolanverse)
Pairing (if any): no pairing, characters Faith, Dawn and Batman
Prompt: Faith and her Watcher, Dawn, are patrolling in Gotham. They heard about Batman when they moved there, but they didn't think he was actually real. Until they run into him…

Completed!  See No, Really?
12. Prompter:[ profile] yakshini
Fandom: Spn/Buffy
Pairing: Buffy/Sam
Prompt: Buffy fell in love with Sam as quickly and easily as she fell into hunting.

Completed!  See Play It Again, Sam

This isn't necessarily the order I'll be doing them in, but this is the order they were received in.  As for the one that's "or," I'm not quite sure which one I'm doing yet.  Posting starts Dec. 1st!


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