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First off, I'm not dead.  Had a lot of RL stuff to get done (nothing bad, thankfully, just time consuming).  Now I'm working on a couple of challenges that are coming due in the next month or so.  So there will be posts, I swear, but not for just a bitty bit.  Also, ahem:

[ profile] 31daysoffandom

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July is coming up fast!  Be sure to sign up if you'd like to play.  I'll be posting July's theme in just a few days.
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Real life is crazy stuff, right?  Yeah, so I'm trying to get back into fandom stuff.  My poor carpal tunnel-ridden hands are finally starting to feel much better.  As you might have noticed way, way earlier in my postings, I've started a new comm.  I hadn't quite opened it yet, but announcing now, it is open!!  The official posting will start on May 1st, which should give plenty of time for discussion of themes (I believe I already have one in mind for May, but I'm always looking for ideas!) and signing up to get author tags.  Please pimp it out for me!

EDIT: Also, if anyone knows any comm here that would permit me to pimp this out, please suggest away!!

[ profile] 31daysoffandom

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Yeah, so... despite it being due and everything around my busiest time of year, I signed up as a writer for this:

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Join me?  Also... I'm thinking of starting a new comm.  Tentatively, I think I'll call it "31 Days of Fandom."  Inspired by [ profile] twistedshorts August Fic-a-Day, I thought, "Why just August?"  So, each month of the year with 31 days will have a theme.  These will vary.  It will mostly allow several different forms of fanworks (fic, art, etc.) except for a few special months which may only ask for one kind.  It will be open fandom, again, except for a few special months.  And, for each 31 days, you must make one post a day with some sort of fanwork for that theme.  If you do all 31 days, you'll get a banner at the end.  If you do more, we'll do an honorable mention.  If you don't finish... well, at least that's more wonderful works for your chosen fandoms out there.  What does everyone think about this idea?  I'm testing the waters.
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So, there are a multitude of bingo communities out there, and [ profile] twisted_slinky and I decided that we loved them so much, we wanted one of our own.  Thus, a bingo comm that deals with Supernatural related pairings.  Now, pairings can be either romantic or friendship.  More rules shall be posted, along with all the other necessary information, soon.  But, for now, be sure to add us, and we'll be live in December!
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Yes, another one.  OMG, another friggin' one.  Do you know how many rough drafts I have due in this month?  And that's just my fan fiction.  I write original fiction too.  Honestly, I think [ profile] twisted_slinky is a bad influence on me.  But it's just so alluring, these big bangs.  I mean, to get art for your story by someone that's not you or your BFF (although I still welcome art from my BFF, b/c she's amazing!). 

In other news, I'm still plowing away at every other challenge I've joined, I haven't updated my challenge list in an age, and I'm about to co-start a bingo community.  Um, RL is just gonna have to step aside for a bit.
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(Made for [ profile] smallfandomfest)

"It is the year 12,090 AD. The world has ended, ravaged in a firestorm of man's wars and madness. But from the wreckage a few humans manage to survive. A few humans...and something else." --Back cover, VHD Vol. 1

What's that something else?  Vampires... and all of the nasties they created.  The Vampire Hunter D series (anime, manga, and light novels) share stories of a post-apocalyptic world where vampires once ruled supreme (under a master vampire known as the Sacred Ancestor), but now they are in decline.  Humans are taking back the night, one horrible circumstance at a time.  And at the heart of all of this, the title character, D, a mysterious vampire hunter who's more than what his beautiful visage appears. 

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