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Okay, so I'm doing this mainly to help myself keep track of all the challenges I have entered (or will be entered).  So I'll be editing this page, probably fairly regularly.  Also, I thought it might be fun to announce to the world--as it were--what I'll be doing in my spare time.  So, here we go.

2012 Challenges (Edited 11/26/12)
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You guessed it: here's the next 10 in my countdown of Badass Villains!

Numbers 80-71 )
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Still counting our way down to the number one badass villain, here's numbers 90-81!

Numbers 90-81 )
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So I'm doing this blog challenge called 100 Things.  For more info on it, see my intro post here.  The subject I chose was "100 Badass Villains."  I'll be doing 10 clustered blogs on the subject.  So, without further ado, here's the first 10 on my list!

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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

 I love challenges.  I really do.  And when my BFF twisted_slinky told me about this one, who was I to say no?  This challenge, simply put, is to do 100 blog posts on a list-type subject.  For example, I'm doing "100 Badass Villains."  Now, to clarify what I mean by my topic, these are villains that I, personally, think are badass.  I'm not gonna go on and on about classic literature villains (which I could... I do have a degree in that stuff).  I'm gonna list 100 villains from Books, Movies, TV Shows, Video Games... whatever else there can be villains, I'm gonna list the ones I think are the most badass.  Will the order from 100 down to 1 mean anything?  Maybe.  I'm going to try and gauge rankings as best I can.  Now, I mostly post fanfiction here, but I do love to blog.  So this'll go right along with both of those things.  So keep an eye out for the 100 Badass Villains, as ranked by moi.


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